-Thin Clients and Finger Vein Authentication-

In Japan (esp. financial institutes), biometric authentication is becoming essential because of their needs of high security, not to mention worldwide markets.

Chart: Annual biometrics revenue by region, World Markets: 2015-2024 (by millions)

Transitioning away from passwords and to a stronger form of identity is one of the great challenges that we face in online computing, and we believe FIDO authentication, (...) is the pathway to success.
-- Windows Official Blog (13/2/2015)
“Microsoft Announces FIDO Support Coming to Windows 10”

Finger Vein Authentication

In Japan, vein authentication exceeded fingerprint authentication in 2011 (based on number of devices shipped), with almost 10% of CAGR expected.

Chart: Market share of biometric authentication hardware in Japan (Value of shipments, 2014)

Figure: Finger vein authentication (FVA)

Japan is the leader of vein authentication technology. Almost all vein-recognition patents are globally dominated by 3 Japanese companies.

Developing New Thin Clients

T4U has formed a business tie-up with mofiria Corp., a spin-off from SONY. Together with Centerm and mofiria, we are developing FVA-installed thin client products.

To be released this autumn!

Coming soon...